Toxicology Laboratory

Short description:

​The laboratory provides diagnosis of acute and chronic intoxications with unknown chemical substances. Using various biological specimens (whole blood, serum, urine, hair samples), various toxic organic substances (including drugs of abuse, narcotics, pesticides), toxic metals and metalloids can be identified. High performance HPLC and GC chromatographic systems equipped with mass spectrometry are used to identify organic molecules, while an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (equipped with a graphite furnace and furnace) is used for metal analyzes.

​Main activities / techniques:

  • ​taking biological samples – a variety of biological specimens can be used for toxicological analyzes: whole blood, serum, hair samples, urine, saliva, tissue samples (extemporaneous or paraffin)
  • samples processing by chemical purification and concentration of unknown toxic substances
  • organic molecules or metals can be specifically identified or a complete chemical analysis can be performed
  • data acquisition and molecular identification of unknown target compounds for a precise toxicological diagnosis


  • ​Coordinator: Calin Tatu, MD, PhD
  • Alexandra T. Gruia, Dr. Cercetător Chimist Principal
  • Technicians


  • ​HPLC-MS system with quadrupole mass detector (Brucker)
  • HPLC system with UV detector (Agilent)
  • GC-MS and GC-FID (Agilent and Brucker)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Brucker)


Pius Branzeu Clinical Emergency Hospital
300723 Timisoara, Romania
156, Liviu Rebreanu Boulevard

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