Technology transfer

The main objective is the transition of results obtained through basic research and experimental development (TRL 4) to prototyping (TRL 5) and production under standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions (TRL 6) of innovative diagnostic and treatment technologies in non-communicable and communicable (infectious) diseases with high prevalence and major risk.

OncoGen promotes collaboration with innovative industrial partners and SMEs in the field of biotechnology. There is a significant barrier in terms of initial capital investment to build research facilities and purchase equipment, without which it is very difficult for any idea to be validated to prototype stage. It is hoped that Oncogen’s exceptional facilities will not be exploited in a limited way through access and rental services, but, given the highly qualified human resource, to provide full services for testing a concept (idea, prototype).


Spitalul Clinic Județean de Urgență “Pius Brînzeu”
bd. Liviu Rebreanu, nr. 156
300723 Timișoara, Romania

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