Regenerating Bone defects using New biomedical Engineering approaches – REBORNE


The objective of REBORNE is to conduct clinical trials using advanced biomaterials and cells that induce bone healing. To achieve this goal, five Phase II trials with 20 patients are proposed in 12 clinical centers in 8 European countries. There are three orthopedic clinical trials related to the treatment of long bone fractures and osteonecrosis of the femoral head in adults and children, using bioceramics, percutaneous injection with hydrogel and stem cells from autologous or allogeneic sources. Clinical research will also look at maxillo-facial surgery with bone augmentation before dental implants and reconstruction of split palate in children. The safety and effectiveness of new therapies will be clinically evaluated using radiographs, computer tomography and MRI, as well as biopsy histology.​

More information about the project:


Pius Branzeu Clinical Emergency Hospital
300723 Timisoara, Romania
156, Liviu Rebreanu Boulevard

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