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OncoGen Young Researchers at the Medical Congress

Participation of OncoGen Young Researchers volunteers at the International Medical Congress

The OncoGen Young Researchers Department is an educational context in which high school students and undergraduates have the opportunity to train in the field of biomedical research and benefit from the support of experienced researchers within the Center for Gene and Cell Therapies in Cancer Treatment - OncoGen Center of Excellence for the development of research projects that can be concluded by writing and publishing scientific articles and participating in congresses and competitions.

In April, the OncoGen Young Researchers team participated, under the coordination of Ms. Conf. Univ. Dr. Florina Bojin at the International Medical Congress organized in Timisoara.

During the congress, the members of the OYR team presented nine projects, each dealing with fundamental research topics in the fields of immunology and cellular and molecular biology. The research projects were carried out with the support of the OncoGen Asist Center researchers. Univ. Dr. Oana Gavriliuc and Asst. Univ. Dr. Alex Tirziu.

Following the participation in the congress, the OYR team members won all three awards related to the oral presentation section as follows:

  • 1st place was obtained by Sergiu Micorici, a 3rd year student, with the project "In Vitro Evaluation of Cyototoxic Effect of CAR-NK Cells-Derived Exosomes";
  • 2nd place was won by Adelina Miron, 6th year student with the project "In Vivo Behavior of 3D Bioprinted Tumor Tissue Models";
  • 3rd place was won by Luț Cristina, a 5th year student with the "CAR-Expressing Immune Cells in Solid Tumors Immunotherapies" project.

From the OYR team, the following also participated in this congress: Diana Poenaru and Pop Ana-Maria, 2nd year students; David Molnar-Popa, 3rd year student; Cojocaru Diana and Crăciun Andrei, 4th year students and Oancea Maria, 5th year student.

The OYR team continues its research activities under the careful guidance and coordination of the OncoGen Center researchers, who pursue both the training and professional development of passionate students, as well as the potential scientific impact that the conducted experiments can have.