Mission and Vision


The mission of the OncoGen center is to develop advanced methods for the diagnosis and therapy of cancer and chronic degenerative diseases with high morbidity and limited therapeutic options. The research team will achieve this mission through an interdisciplinary approach of innovative fundamental, translational and clinical research activities, and through the development of educational programs and partnerships with the academia and with the industry. By promoting quality, responsibility, innovation, and values, the Center aims to increase the performance of the healthcare system, and to provide better treatment solutions for the patients. Adoption of more effective public health policies will also be supported by raising the awareness of research areas among key stakeholders (health institutions, physicians and other health professionals, pharmacists, municipalities, NGOs, the media).


The OncoGen Center aims to be recognized as leader in the four elected research directions, which fall within the priority topics of the European program Horizon 2020. The final objective of the OncoGen Center is to develop a core of scientific and technological competence of European standards for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, with a multidisciplinary research team, who will orient the research activity towards the translation of research results into advanced therapies. To achieve this, the following strategic directions are adopted:

  • Promotion of a well-defined scientific programme, which will ensure continuity between fundamental and clinical research
  • Development and maintenance of a core of high-level scientific specialists
  • Promotion of a high-quality scientific and academic environment
  • Promotion of an organizational culture based on innovation and performance
  • Supporting all staff by providing access to modern and high-performance technologies
  • Enhancement of personalization of medical care by tailoring treatment regimens to individual needs, working with industry partners to increase the number of therapeutic options available to patients

Participation in strategic partnerships with competitive academic and industry centers of excellence, to ensure optimal transfer of knowledge and technology with the potential to improve medical practice in Romania.


Pius Branzeu Clinical Emergency Hospital
300723 Timisoara, Romania
156, Liviu Rebreanu Boulevard

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