Flow Cytometry Laboratory

Short description:

​The laboratory is designed for cancer research (circulating tumor cells and cells from solid tumors, tumor stem cells, tumor vasculature), stem cells (CS) (embryonic CS and iPS, CS hematopoietic and mesenchymal cells, satellite cells), immunology (autoimmunity, tumor immunology, allergies), neurosciences and in the cardiovascular domain (tissue derived cardiac cells, cardiac cells obtained from embryonic cells/iPS), both on human and animal cells. Activities align with those of the cell culture and experimental medicine departments that will provide biological samples. Equipped with state of the art equipment, the lab performs procedures to identify most human and animal cell types, as well as sorting rare cell populations from different fluid or solid biological samples.

​Main activities / techniques:

  • ​determination of total DNA content (cell cycle analysis, cell kinetics, proliferation, etc.); DNA copies variation (in numbers) analysis (by Flow-FISH)
  • protein expression and localization of cellular proteins analysis; protein changes; sorting cell populations
  • determination of surface antigens (CD markers); highlighting intracellular antigens (cytokines, secondary mediators, etc.); highlighting and analyzing nuclear antigens.


  • ​Coordinator: Florina Bojin, MD, PhD
  • Calin Tatu, MD, PhD
  • Oana Gavriliuc, MS, PhD
  • Technicians


  • ​BD FACSAria ™ III Cell Sorter (BD Biosciences)
  • FACSCalibur (BD Biosciences)
  • MACSQuant® Analyzer 10 (Miltenyi Biotec)
  • Refrigerators / Freezers (Thermo Scientific)
  • 1.8M Laminar Flow Hoods (Thermo Scientific)
  • Laboratory centrifuges (Thermo Scientific)


Pius Branzeu Clinical Emergency Hospital
300723 Timisoara, Romania
156, Liviu Rebreanu Boulevard

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