OncoGen Association

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The OncoGen Association supports Romanian scientific research and is endorsing the OncoGen team, whose projects have contributed to placing Romanian medical research alongside that carried out by important research institutes and universities in Europe and around the world.

We owe much of what we have achieved to the ongoing dedication of those who have supported the OncoGen team.

We therefore thank each and every one of you and assure you of our unwavering gratitude for being with us.

If you still wish to support the OncoGen team in its efforts to strive for excellence in Romanian medical scientific research, you can contribute to any of the OncoGen projects here:

Ron account: RO88 RZBR 0000 0600 1871 7384
Euro account: RO33 RZBR 0000 0600 1916 7872
Bank: Raiffeisen Bank, Ariesș Agency
OncoGen Association 
Timișoara District Court, Special Register of Associations no. 65/25.05.2016
ID: 36177950

To obtain a sponsorship form or for any other details, please feel free to contact us at asociatiaoncogen@oncogen.ro.

Thank you!