Cell Culture Department

Short description:

​The laboratories are fully equipped for in vitro cultivation of cells and for carrying out a wide range of experiments. The staff working in the Cell Culture Laboratories is very well trained, with over ten years of experience in the field of cell biology, the production and cultivation of cell lines and the development of cytotoxicity techniques, etc. All cell types can be grown, including primary cells, mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells as well as pluripotent stem cells.

​Main activities / techniques:

  • ​primary cell cultures (hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, endothelial cells, dendritic cells, etc.)
  • differentiation of stem cells into various cell types
  • isolation and characterization of tumor cells
  • embryonic stem cell cultures
  • cultivating and analyzing different cell lines (normal and tumor)
  • in vitro cell expansion for cellular therapies


  • ​Coordinator: Alexandra Ivan, Biotech Eng., PhD
  • Simona Anghel, Biol. Principal, PhD
  • Mirabela Cristea, Biol. Principal., PhD
  • Ada Cean, Biotech Eng., PhD
  • Camelia Oprean, Pharm., PhD


  • ​Laminar flow hoods
  • CO2 Incubators
  • Laboratory centrifuges
  • Magnetic Cell Sorting Devices (MACS Miltenyi Biotec, Stem Cell)
  • Electroporation device for transfections (Amaxa, Lonza)
  • Reversed Microscope for Fluorescence Cell Cultures (Zeiss)
  • Reversed microscope with micromanipulation arms (Narishige)
  • Capture Video Microscope for Time Scale Experiments (Zeiss)
  • xCELLigence (ACEA Bioscience)


Pius Branzeu Clinical Emergency Hospital
300723 Timisoara, Romania
156, Liviu Rebreanu Boulevard

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