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Asthmathon 2022

Asthma and allergic rhinitis are two conditions whose prevalence is constantly increasing worldwide. European statistics show that one in four citizens is allergic and their number is expected to double in the next ten years. In this context, it is up to each of us to help change these worrying statistics.

Asthmathon by OncoGen is a concept addressed to young people (high school students and students) with creative potential, in order to identify ingenious solutions, which aim to improve through various means (technical, scientific, social, etc.) the quality of life of the allergic/asthmatic patient, as well as the degree of information and awareness of the general public about the causes and implications of allergic asthma. 

The first edition of Asthmaton 2022 proposes a 30-hour event that will take place at OncoGen Research Center, in period 14 – 15 May 2022. Participation in this event will involve working in teams 3 – 5 participants for the realization of a concept/prototype that may include: methods of identifying common allergens in various environments, mobile applications to facilitate the doctor-patient relationship and the diagnosis of asthma/allergy symptoms through ACT-type questionnaires, specialized drones for identifying areas where different plants causing allergic reactions and the like grow. 

Registration can be done both in the form of team and also individual, based on filling out a form. For already formed teams, this will need to be completed by the team representative. In addition to team registration, all participants will also complete an individual form. For those who are not part of a team, organizers can integrate participants into already formed teams based on the skills entered in the form.

Please note that our event may not be able to accommodate all registered teams or participants. In this situation, the selection of the teams will be made based on the idea they propose, by a team of specialists from the organizing committee. In the case of participants who do not have a team, the selection will be made on the basis of the skills possessed.

We look forward to having you be a part of the Asthmathon 2022 story!



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