OncoGen – Center for Gene and Cell Therapies in Cancer Treatment

The first research centre in Romania and Eastern Europe equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for basic and applied research in gene therapies. With a total area of 3000 m², the centre has basic and applied research facilities, including 15 compartments and laboratories equipped with high-performance equipment.

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The mission of the OncoGen center is the development of advanced methods of diagnosis and therapy of cancer and chronic degenerative diseases with increased morbidity and limited therapeutic options. The research team will fulfill this mission both through an interdisciplinary approach to fundamental, translational and clinical research activities, as well as through supporting educational programs and partnerships with academia and industry. 


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Ming-Yi Tsai


I worked on the project "The Impact Ragweed Pollen and Dust-Mite Allergens Have on the Respiratory Mucosa." I had a deeper understanding of ragweed, immune mechanism as well as immunotherapy. I had the opportunity to join the process from experiment design to data analysis. I also helped on other projects, which sharpened both my experimental and critical thinking skills. 

Jakub Michalak


These few weeks have been wonderful and very motivating! We were treated like a family – we experienced the research process together, from the experiment planning phase to analyzing the results. We helped in other projects but we also tried to do some work ourselves under supervision.

Teodor Sefcovic


My laboratory skills were improving daily because my tutors were really helpful to show me as much as they could. Under supervision I had a chance to work with E.coli, we also worked with the RBL cell line, we were preparing growth media, we did a cell counting, we were adjusting the parameters (pH), our daily routine was using ultracentrifuge and interpretation of data and so on. I had a chance to attend a clinical part in an Allergology clinic, where I could see patients allergic to Ragweed and I could connect the laboratory work and the clinical part of the medicine.