Experience exchanges

At OncoGen we encourage and support young researchers to start their adventure in the world of medical research, giving them the support they need to develop their ideas and make innovative discoveries. We are dedicated to creating an enabling environment where these young people can express their creativity and realize their full potential. In our effort to revolutionize the medical field, we provide the necessary resources, expertise and infrastructure to encourage young researchers to take the first steps in their promising careers. We believe in the power of new generations to transform the medical world and are proud to be with them on this path to progress and innovation.

Students who completed an internship at the OncoGen research center:

  • Ming-Yi Tsai, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan;
  • Jakub Michalak University of Opole, Poland;
  • Teodor Sefcovic, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic;
  • Marina-Claudia-Cătălina Miron, Applied Informatics, University of West Timișoara, Romania;
  • Raul-Mihai Rădulescu, Artificial Intelligence, University of West Timișoara, Romania;
  • Barna Office, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Oradea, Romania.

Here are their impressions after taking part in the scientific activity in our laboratories:

Ming-Yi Tsai

My name is Ming-Yi Tsai. I'm a fourth year medical student of Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. I am an exchange student of the IFMSA SCORE program. It is my privilege to be part of the research team of OncoGen Center Timisoara, Romania. In this month, I gained such a fruitful and unforgettable experience in immunology research.


I worked on the project "The Impact Ragweed Pollen and Dust-Mite Allergens Have on the Respiratory Mucosa." I had a deeper understanding of ragweed, immune mechanism as well as immunotherapy. I had the opportunity to join the process from experiment design to data analysis. I also helped on other projects, which sharpened both my experimental and critical thinking skills. 


I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to my tutors, Dr. Bunu, Roxana, Lauriana, Manuela, and OncoGen Center. Thank you for always explaining everything patiently, always encouraging me to ask questions, and let me do something under your kind supervision. Moreover, thanks Dr. Bunu for giving me the opportunity to observe in Clinical Prophylaxis, so that I could combine the theoretical with clinical parts together in immunology. 


I do enjoy the time learning and doing research here. What I've learned, what I've experienced here inspires me a lot and helps with my future medical career! Thanks for everything here in the OncoGen Center! 


thank yousc!


Ming-Yi Tsai 



Jakub Michalak

Good morning, hello!


My name is Jakub, I'm studying medicine in Opole, Poland. In August I had an opportunity to be a part of the OncoGen research team in the allergology department.


These few weeks have been wonderful and very motivating! We were treated like a family – we experienced the research process together, from the experiment planning phase to analyzing the results. We helped in other projects but we also tried to do some work ourselves under supervision.


The laboratory is very well equipped and the researchers are very professional in everything they do – they are excellent in teaching and I feel very motivated to pursue this kind of career in the future thanks to them!


We are very grateful for the opportunity to discover the scientific process in the beautiful city of Timișoara. I'm looking forward to visiting Romania again in the future!


Thank you, bye!


Teodor Sefcovic

My name is Teodor Sefcovic and I am currently in my fifth year of medical school at Masaryk University of Brno, Czech Republic. As an IFMSA student I was applying for Timisoara because I really liked the idea of the project The Impact Ragweed Pollen and Dust-mite Allergens Have on the Respiratory Mucosa because in Romania, ragweed is one of the most important allergen sources with a strong impact on human health. I had some academic background to become a competent contributor for the research team in the OncoGen center. This center for research is far and away the most modern one I have seen. Moreover, assisting in this research in the medical domain of Immunology and Allergology will directly complement my career as I might pursue an MD in this field in the future.

My laboratory skills were improving daily because my tutors were really helpful to show me as much as they could. Under supervision I had a chance to work with E.coli, we also worked with the RBL cell line, we were preparing growth media, we did a cell counting, we were adjusting the parameters (pH), our daily routine was using ultracentrifuge and interpretation of data and so on. I had a chance to attend a clinical part in an Allergology clinic, where I could see patients allergic to Ragweed and I could connect the laboratory work and the clinical part of the medicine.

In conclusion, I would like to say huge thanks to my tutors and to OncoGen center, that I could be a part of the team for this month. I am sure I learned a lot of knowledge which will help me to be a better professional in my future career.

Teodor Sefcovic