The BIO-AMR project

// Project

The BIO-AMR project

Duration of the project

42 months

Financing contract

7 PCDDI/2018


USAMVB Timisoara (coordinator)
Emergency County Clinical Hospital "Pius Brînzeu" Timișoara - OncoGen Centere
West University of Timisoara
Babes Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca
Brașov Meadows Research and Development Institute

Project details

Bioeconomic Approach to Antimicrobial Agents – Use and Resistance (BIO-AMR)

Project type

 Complex projects in RDI consortia - Bioeconomy Field


The comprehensive analysis of the problem of antimicrobial resistance through a cross-sectional, descriptive approach, carried out in close collaboration with hospital units and veterinary clinics to improve patient safety and minimize the risk of the emergence and spread of resistance.


  • Isolation, cultivation and identification of germs of interest.
  • Analysis of metabolic characteristics and microbial resistance at the molecular level.
  • Testing the potential of new/unidentified pharmacological antimicrobial agents.
  • Obtaining models for the study of in vitro and in vivo resistance to antimicrobial agents.


Preparation of Petri dishes with solid culture medium

Plates cultured with bacteria maintained in the thermostat

Inoculation of bacterial clones of interest on culture media

Appearance of microbial colonies