Mission and vision


The mission of the OncoGen research excellence center is the development of advanced methods of diagnosis and therapy of cancer and chronic degenerative diseases with increased morbidity and limited therapeutic options. The research team will fulfill this mission both through an interdisciplinary approach to fundamental, translational and clinical research activities, as well as through supporting educational programs and partnerships with academia and industry. By promoting quality, responsibility, innovation and value, it aims to improve the performance of the health system, with the aim of offering patients new therapeutic options. At the same time, by increasing the visibility of the topics addressed among the interested factors (health institutions, doctors and other categories of personnel, pharmacists, local authorities, NGOs and mass media), the adoption of more effective public health policies will be promoted.


The OncoGen Institute dreams of becoming a Leader in the four areas of research in the sphere of interest, areas that fall within the priority themes of the European program Horizon 2020. The final objective of the OncoGen Center is the development of a pole of scientific and technological competence at European standards for diagnosis, treatment and prevention, with a multidisciplinary research team, the research activity being oriented towards the translation of research results into advanced therapies. For this purpose, the following strategic directions were adopted:


  • Promoting a well-defined scientific program that ensures continuity between fundamental and clinical research;
  • Formation and maintenance of a core of highly qualified researchers;
  • Promoting a high-quality academic and scientific environment;
  • Promoting an organizational culture based on innovation and performance;
  • Supporting staff through access to the most efficient and modern technologies;
  • Increasing the degree of personalization of health care by tailoring therapies to individual needs and collaborating with industry partners to increase the number of therapeutic options available to patients;
  • Participation in strategic partnerships with competitive centers of excellence from the academic and industrial environment, to ensure the optimal transfer of knowledge and technology with the potential to improve medical practice in Romania;