Immunophenotyping Laboratory

Short presentation:
Immunophenotyping laboratory is designed to help diagnose and classify a leukemia or lymphoma, to help guide treatment, and to detect and evaluate leukocyte cancer cells that remain after treatment or disease relapse. Samples (blood samples, bone marrow, tissue biopsy, or fluid sample) are analyzed using various panels of antibodies that have been established for various types of leukemia or lymphoma. Basic testing of a CBC, differential, and platelet count would be performed in addition to immunophenotyping. The antigen selection, or panel, is made based upon that information.

Main activities/techniques:

  • sample preparation and staining with fluorochrome-coupled monoclonal antibodies
  • identification and quantification of cell populations, based on their unique repertoire of cellular markers
  • assays for apoptosis, cell cycle, cell proliferation, and cytokine detection
  • CBC tests and micro sampling.

Coordinator: Calin Tatu, MD, PhD
Florina Bojin, MD, PhD
Oana Gavriliuc, Biol., MS, PhD


  • BD FACSVerse™ flow cytometer (BD Biosciences)
  • Rayto RT-7600 Auto Hematology Analyzer
  • GLP-grade refrigerators (Thermo Scientific)
  • Laminar flow hood 1.8 M (Thermo Scientific)
  • Laboratory centrifuge (Thermo Scientific)

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