Genomics Laboratory

Short presentation:
Our Genomics laboratory investigates genetic and epigenetic variations frequently associated with cancer susceptibility in view of translating these findings into better diagnostic and prognostic tools. The laboratory is equipped with automation systems and versatile equipement designed for a variety of applications, from the extraction of genetic material to the analysis of a large panel of genes under- or overexpressed in cancer to the identification of point mutations (SNPs) or larger variations by targeted sequencing and even analysis of methylation status of tumors by bisulphite sequencing. Working in concert with the Microarray and Cell culture facilities in our institute, cancer susceptibility alleles identified by screening are validated and then tested by laboratory investigation in vitro, in cancer cell lines.

Main activities/techniques:

  • isolation of genetic material from various types of cell cultures and patient’s samples (DNA, RNA, microRNAs, etc)
  • gene expression analysis
  • analysis of methylation status
  • targeted DNA sequencing
  • SNP genotyping

Coordinator: Oana Gavriliuc, Biol., MS, PhD
Florina Bojin, MD, PhD
Ada Cean, Biotech Eng., PhD
Alexandra Ivan, Biotech Eng., PhD


  • MagMAX Express 96 (ThermoFisher)
  • Real-time PCR system (Roche Lightcycler 480 II)
  • Sanger sequencing system
  • Genetic Analyzer 3130XL (AB/Hitachi)

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