Experimental Medicine Department

Short presentation:
The compartment is the in vivo testing area, for organ bath studies, animal model for different types of tumors, isolated organ bath experiments, spirometry, Langendorff, in vivo imaging studies. Also, bio matrices are obtained by decellularization procedures that can be used in tissue reconstruction experiments. The compartment has a small animal house facility, a surgery room equipped with stereo microscope, surgical instruments, life signs monitoring systems (pulse, arterial tension, ventilation, electrocardiogram, temperature), life support systems during surgical procedures (assisted ventilation, extracorporeal circulation, etc.), equipment and laboratories for experimental medicine.

Main activities/techniques:

  • in vivo animal tumor models, in vivo imaging
  • generation of bio matrices for tissue regeneration experiments
  • in vivo toxicology experiments
  • isolated heart experiments – Langendorff model; respirometry studies
  • isolated organ bath investigations.

Coordinator: Ada Cean, Biotech Eng., PhD
Alexandra Ivan, Biotech Eng., PhD
Mirabela Cristea, Principal Biol., PhD
Camelia Oprean, Pharm., PhD


  • Tissue homogenizer
  • Equipment for study of isolated muscle fiber
  • Complex monitor for vital function
  • Ventilation equipment for small animals
  • Peristaltic pump and accessories
  • In vivo imaging system Hamamatsu Aequoria
  • Oxygen electrode (Clark HANSATECH Oxygraph)
  • OROBOROS Oxygraph 2k
  • Langendorff system (Radnoti, ADInstruments)
  • Complex analyzer Apollo 4000 with 4 channels including electrodes
  • Equipment for measuring endocavity pressure with optic fiber
  • Acquisition system for biological signals
  • Complex monitor for vital functions: electrocardiogram, spirometry, temperature, invasive pressure, electroencephalogram, bispectral indices

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