ELISA Laboratory

Short presentation:
The ELISA Laboratory is integrant part of the OncoGen Center and is used mainly to detect and quantify proteins, antibodies, peptides, or hormones in a sample. The ELISA platform offers enhanced chemiluminiscence/fluorescence intensity reading for cell-based and biochemical applications, with a range of features designed to improve sensitivity and inter-/intra-well reproducibility. It is a truly flexible platform that provides excellent automated microplate strip washing and vacuum filtration performance for 96-well microplate formats and excellent temperature uniformity across the microplate. This modular and upgradeable platform is ideal for a wide range of cell-, enzyme- and DNA-based applications in research and clinical diagnostics.

Main activities/techniques:

  • detection of antibody concentrations in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants and urine
  • detecting potential allergens
  • disease outbreaks-tracking the spread of disease
  • detections of antigens: drug allergen, cancer antigens concentration

Coordinator: Daniela Crisnic, MD, PhD
Oana Gavriliuc, Biol., MS, PhD
Simona Anghel, Principal Biol., PhD
Mirabela Cristea, Principal Biol., PhD


  • HydroFlex™ microplate washer for 96-well format (Tecan)
  • Infinite® 200 PRO plate reader (Tecan)
  • PHMP-4 Thermoshakers for Microplates (Grant-bio)
  • Refrigerators/freezers (Thermo Scientific)
  • Laboratory centrifuge (Thermo Scientific)

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